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    As for LDPE, the membrane materials and products of LLDPE and full-density linear polyethylene device have the demerits of high melting point, high melt viscosity, low transparency and poor anti-blocking property. Nanjing Chunda developed # CD-9 compound additive in order to eliminate the aforementioned demerits of LLDPE and full-density linear polyethylene. According to industrial applications and practices, LLDPE products added with # CD-9 compound additive can maintain cleanliness, MFR and density unchanged, improve tensile yield strength, tensile breaking strength, film appearance grade, dart impact strength and anti-blocking property, and reduce the friction coefficient, fisheye and haze. All DFDA-7042 and DFDA-7047 produced are of high quality.

    Nanjing Chunda Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd., accredited as Jiangsu Hi-tech Enterprise and Jiangsu Private Science & Technology Enterprise, is specialized in R&D and in the production of a series of new materials for plastic products which are used for electrical wires and cables.